Why You Need a Crib Tent

Throughout time, parents have had to make do with what they have at their disposal, in order to make sure their infants are comfortable and protected. These have included mosquito nets, blanket-covered cribs, locked playpens, etc... but you don't need to resort to such crude measures any longer, if you know how to make the most of modern innovations. A crib tent is one of such modern innovations, specially designed to keep your child healthy and safe.

But an old-fashioned parent may ask: Why should I spend so much on a crib tent? When I was a baby my parents just used a traditional, unadorned crib, and I turned out fine! Still, one should wonder about one thing: if parents back then had access to a crib tent, and could afford it, would they not buy one? Would they not want the extra protection for their precious children?

A crib tent is exactly as the name implies - a tent that is placed inside a crib. It is made mostly of light wire frames and a fine screen cloth. It is often dome shaped and collapsible, for easier carrying. This sort of dome tent may look stifling for a baby, but it really is not; the screen cloth prevents larger pieces of fur and dirt from getting into the crib, while letting air pass through without trouble. It does not obscure vision either, so the baby can see you from within the tent just as clearly as you can see him or her from outside.

The main purpose of the screen cloth is in fact to prevent undesirable elements from coming in - things like dirt, light objects accidentally thrown in the crib's direction, and pets. Some screen tents are tough and firm enough to prevent pets from damaging them, but it is still safe to ask your dealer if having pets (especially larger pets) in the house would be any danger.

But the tent can also keep your child from climbing out of the crib, and perhaps even falling off. This is invaluable for a parent who has a very active child - when "No!" is no longer enough, some protection must be imposed for the baby's own good. If you must ask yourself if you do or do not need a crib tent, ask yourself: What would be the harm in employing modern innovations in caring for the welfare of your child?

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