Tent Trailers: The Vehicles for Outdoor Recreation

Tent trailers are fun and convenient to have. For nature lovers, traveling the country and camping wherever they fancy is the best vacation. To have a vehicle that can take you wherever you want to go and provide shelter whenever you need it is a dream come true for any outdoor enthusiast.

Tent trailers are more broadly categorized as recreational vehicles; but to some, these motor vehicles are used not only as camping and recreational rides but also as homes. In the United States, several companies specialize in the manufacture and marketing of these camper vehicles; and one of them is Forest River.

The company offers several models of the vehicle under the Flagstaff brand. Variations of the Flagstaff trailer include the Classic Series, MAC Series, LTD Models and High Wall Campers. The products under the Flagstaff brand are all designed to mimic traditional dwellings, with home-style kitchen features and cooking equipment to provide users with the ease and convenience of preparing meals just like in ordinary homes.

Another popular name in the trailer business is Jayco Inc. This Indiana-based firm offers travel and camping trailers, fifth wheels, class C motorhomes and sport utility trailers. The products are under several brand names that include Jay Flight, Escapade, Eagle, Designer, Seneca HD, Granite Ridge, Jay Feather EXP, Jay Feather LGT, Greyhawk and Talon ZX. Jayco was founded in 1968 by Lloyd J. Bontrager; and up to now, the firm is being run by members of the Bontrager family. The company has launched several models for the 2006 period including the Baja and Select camping trailers and the Jay Series.

Another well-known name in the trailer industry of the United States is ApacheCamping. Among the products recently launched by the firm is the American 2006 series of trailers. This brand includes models like Santa Fe, Cheyenne, Timberlake, Sun Valley, Bayside, Utah and Williamsburg. The latest offerings join the company’s popular Highlander Series models that include Sequoia and Niagara.

The market for tent trailers, particularly in the United States, has vastly expanded during the last decade. This growth was buoyed by the increased number of people who try to leave behind the congestion and smog of cities by staying in the country either permanently or temporarily. 




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