Party Tent Designs and Features

A party tent, also sometimes called a marquee, is used in large events such as weddings and trade fairs. Common tents of this kind are made from vinyl and require special skills to erect. Most high quality tents for parties are held down with tensioned ratchets and can measure from 9 x 10 to 120 x 400. Since these large tents are quite expensive, renting them is a far better option than buying, particularly if they will be used only once.

Party tent models can be a canopy, a frame or a pole tent. Canopy tents for parties are recommended only for events that will be held during the summer or sunny months since they do not have walls and will not be able to protect users from heavy rains. If the event involves dancing or walking at the center, a pole tent should not be used since the center pole will obstruct views and prevent people from going to and fro in the middle of the shelter. Frame tents, on the other hand, are convenient if a bigger space is needed. They can be joined together to form a wider space and a more interesting tent configuration.

Most of the time, companies that offer tent rental services for parties also offer other tent accessories such as flooring, mesh windows and even party supplies such as glassware, lighting, stage equipment and other materials. When it comes to outdoor parties, renting the shelter is better than buying it since the product might not be used again and these tents are quite expensive. Renting the canopies also provides the customer with the option of having someone skilled take care of the pitching job. Party canopies are heavy and quite difficult to build, and it might be better to let the professionals handle this particular concern.

Tents for big events and parties are offered in various designs. There are models that have transparent roofs to provide a view of the open sky, while some have roofs where chandeliers and other special lighting equipment can be attached at the center to serve as additional design. Although other colors are available, white is the most common shade preferred by customers, particularly for weddings and christenings.

Some of the better known manufacturers and rental companies of party tent products include Alpine Party Rental, AAa Rental Center, Distinctive Tent Rentals, Albion Canvas Co., Hangzhou Green-Land Leisure Products Co. Ltd. and Yizheng Reinforced Plastic Fabrics. Information about these companies’ services are available in the Internet and it would be wise for consumers to visit their Web sites first before making any decision.

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