Make Your Child a Play Tent

Of course you'll want to have the best for your child. But the best doesn't always have to be ready-made and store-bought! If your child wants a play tent, you can assemble one for him or her, instead of buying one straight off a toy catalog. A lot of times, toy catalog tents may look pretty, but don't actually deliver.

In most cases, it's buying a premade play tent, or a fancy toy tent with bells, whistles, and the works, that puts a real strain on your budget. But building a play tent for your child doesn't have to be expensive! You just have to be creative and resourceful. In fact, knowing how to make the most out of available materials in order to make a beloved plaything will teach your child all about the value of resourcefulness and creativity.

Indoor play tents are easy - cloth can do just as well as canvas. A large blanket held up with wooden or plastic stands could serve as a one-man play tent for your child. You will need to have sturdier material for outdoor play tents, however, so for these, consider buying squares of canvas from your nearest hardware store - it would still be cheaper than buying premade play tents! The larger the better, of course, but if your child is small enough, you may not need to overspend on a large canvas.

A fresh blank canvas is also a good thing. You could decorate it with non-toxic, child-safe fabric paints, in your child's favorite colors. Your child could help with the painting, as well!

Don't forget the mattress! While "roughing it" is an experience your child may fancy, he or she should have the option to have a more comfortable tent interior. A rollup mattress is good for most circumstances, as it is easy to transport; handy in case of sudden rains in the middle of a backyard camping spree.

Setting up a play tent could let an adult rediscover exactly how much fun it is to work on a club house, or any other place that a child can have all to him or herself. It's more fun when you build it with your child!

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