Colorado Tents, Tipis and Yurts From a Local Provider

Colorado tents are probably some of the best selling products in the state. The area, after all, is one of the most ideal places for camping. One big-name provider of canopies and other canvas materials in the state is the Colorado Yurt Co. Formerly called Earthworks, the firm has been in the business since 1977 and is now based in Montrose.

The manufacturer has prospered since its first unit was built along the Blue River south of Breckenridge. Owners Dan and Emma Kigar have expanded to provide original Colorado tents and tipis not only to local customers, but also to international consumers. The company’s primary strength is its relationship with clients, particularly the local ones.

Colorado Yurt Co. occupies a 12,000-square-feet facility in Montrose and is comprised of a 25-member crew. The first yurt manufactured by the firm in 1983 can still be found on a mesa in the southern part of the state. Aside from yurts, the business is also popular for its buffalo hide-reinforced tipis and tents.

Wall tents are one of the specialties of the Montrose manufacturer. The company offers various types of these and among them are outfitters and deluxe wall tents. The basic outfitters’ tent has a sidewall height of 5’ and 8’ ridge. The chafing strip measures 8’ wide at ridge and is vinyl-reinforced. Other common features include storm door flaps with a 12-inch overlap, tie-backs and door-ties made of heavy weight cotton, eaves reinforced with 2” webbing and two-ply reinforcing with concealed vinyl in all corners. The hem of the tents has a two-inch webbing with butterfly stitched nylon web stake loops. They are available in two flame-retardant weights and include guy ropes, tighteners, stakes and storage bag.

The deluxe tents from Colorado Yurt have the same basic features as the outfitters but with more enhancements. Some of these enhancements include a triangular window that measures 45 inches wide and 21 inches tall with sewn-in mosquito netting and interior zippered flap, a silicon impregnated fiberglass stove outlet with FR canvas flap and rain cricket and a six-inch oval roof mount.

The Colorado tent company is known not only for its high quality yurts, tipis and tents, but also for its friendly service and strong relationship with its clients. As the owners of the firm would say, it’s all about the people.


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